If you receive the wrong pair OR size we are liable .. contact us on social media AK247News or all_kicks247 IG and u/AK247Kevin on Reddit

We will need you to take photos of the received item and then ship back to a LOCAL address we will provide (shipping cost we will reimburse or credit you for future orders) We will arrange replacement pair to QC while you do that, but will only ship out once we have received back the return pair. We cover shipping and shoes in such circumstances, by either a credit for future purchases or a payment.

If you wsh to return the shoes for any other reason other than our error, we require you to take photos of the shoes and then ship to a LOCAL address we provide, shipping cost on you. Once received we will re-imburse you or replace as required in your particular case

Please note that we provide QC before shipping and you have 3 rounds of QC MAX, if you aren't happy after 3rd QC and have RL'd (Red lighted) we cancel and refund as the 3 will be representative of stock and reality and there is no point going further + its cost ineffective as we use up staff activity time doing it and after 3 we hit breakeven on cost so its inefficient. Please check site images, imgur lookbooks and social media pics of our items to acquaint yourself with what is to be expected, so that you don't chase a unicorn that doesn't exist. Remember that retail vary too and some have poor QC variation as they are partly handmade and so are ours, so referring to Stock X pics as a measure WILL make it hard to satisfy you, get to know the item and its variations as we make ours to align with retail reality as this is authentic (or carry versions from makers that we check and approve as the closest to retail in the event of GT not making it). Do not seek an exact rendition of one pic online, its unrealistic.

We care, we want you to be happy, we do ALL we can, but in the end there are variations

Quality Check (QC) really is about checking for flaws like glue, scuffs, unevenness, pen marks, missing items and damage, seeing and approving your pair before shipping, so you know what's coming and are happy. The batch/version is what it is (as seen on post/social media or site pics) and can't be changed, though we do update and take on board issues that present themselves in the 1.0's so if you want perfection, take your time, know your subject and come talk to us on social media, we want you happy as that = sales and return clients, which is why we run a business in the first place, unhappy clients is a lose lose for all.

Don't believe the hype, or negative press, it's a competetive industry and others will want to lead you to their sales, obviously. Seek advice from those that have bought before, or come talk to us on Social Media, trust hard facts, not rumours, and insist on hard evidence before all of your purchases. Good luck and I hope we see you soon.