How to order?

We take orders on this website ONLY

What forms of payment do you accept?

- All Kicks 247 currently accepts Transferwise, Western Union, Bitcoin/Altcoins and PayPal

Once I order how do I pay?

- We email you the payment instructions, either Transferwise, Western Union, Bitcoin/Altcoins and PayPal, depending which you chose when ordering, follow that email

Do you take Goods and Services or Friends and Family?

- We prefer Friends and Family, but take both. It’s totally up to you, regulars often help split the fee by adding $4.50, but it’s voluntary and just a measure of goodwill, all we do ask is that you reach out to Ken or Kane if you have an issue along the way so we can resolve it rather than make a dispute without contacting us.

Once I’ve paid then what do I need to do?

- For PayPal payments: so long as you have included your 9 letter order code in the PayPal notes, you can sit back and relax, we will get your payment notification from PayPal and update your order status within 12h.

- For cryptocurrency: email back the transaction code so we can verify and update your order status to paid and will have that done within 12h

- For Western Union: email back the MTCN transaction Code

- For Transferwise: 

Where do I get my QC?

-We email that back to you to the address you sign up with when ordering

How long does QC take?

- Once we get payment confirmed, QC follows, by email, in approx 48h (depending on stock/size availability)

What if I want to talk about my QC or discuss product?

- To RL or discuss reach out to Ken or his team on IG/reddit

Reddit @ u/Ak247kevin
IG: @ all_kicks247 ak247News

What about scam accounts or taking my money and not sending shoes?

- We only take orders on the website and email back before any money is exchanged. This is important to authorise the order and payment. If in any doubt do not pay, check with others you trust and contact me on IG or Reddit

Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?

- Yes, of course! Please ensure that the formatting for the address is 100% correct so that there are no issues when shipping your order.

Do you ship your products internationally?

- Absolutely! We ship to over 180 different countries!